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Studies show that in case of the United States withdrawing itself from NATO, European countries would have to invest hundreds of billions of euros to fill the budget hole. Although the draft of the defense budget is greater than expected, some departments, including the European Defense Fund, will receive less money. Paris may demand its increase.

New Slovak government does not seem to have the intention to change government's policy toward Turkey. Government still supports Turkey's EU integration ambitions. Both countries primarily stress bilateral investment potential and trade.

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Opposition in Turkey is being markedly transformed. Erdoğan's traditional rivals are being overshadowed by new actors on the scene, Erdoğan's former allies. Given yet another economic recession, snap elections are not yet out of the question.

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"Two percent of GDP for defense expenses must be effectively utilized," says Marian Majer about the defense ministry's plans. The government department looks to be more active in fighting disinformation, it promises to establish new units to help achieve this goal. If the United States accepts Slovakia's request to lower the installments, the department is aware that F-16 may be late, he explains.