The second-most goods imported to Visegrad countries come from China, Slovakia is the only exception. Among Visegrad countries and compared to other non-European countries, Prague trades with China the most, although Czech citizens remain the most sceptical towards Beijing.

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Strong support for EU and NATO, aversion towards authoritarianism and absolute dependence on transatlantic security - those are the main reasons how the Baltic states are able to resist China's influence better than other EU member countries. 

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Partnership with NATO gives Kiev a better access to NATO programmes or intelligence materials. Opportunities for Ukraine troops will improve as they will be able to occupy positions in international NATO command structures and units. NATO benefits from this partnership as well.

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"My vision for NATO 2030 is not about reinventing NATO. It is about making our strong Alliance even stronger, said Jens Stoltenberg. According to Stoltenberg, Alliance must advance militarily, politically, and also as a relevant international actor.

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Studies show that in case of the United States withdrawing itself from NATO, European countries would have to invest hundreds of billions of euros to fill the budget hole. Although the draft of the defense budget is greater than expected, some departments, including the European Defense Fund, will receive less money. Paris may demand its increase.