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Among the V4 countries, most citizens, who view the Alliance's activites as not desirable, live in Slovakia. Slovak citizens have the least positive sentiments towards the United States and, on the contrary, the most positive sentiments towards Russia within the Visegrad countries, Pew Research Center study shows.

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The corona crisis is changing plans for the country to reform also in Russia. However, according to experts, Vladimir Putin himself has not yet decided whether he will remain at its helm. It should also be in his hands to decide on the direction of further relations with the EU. Brussels offers ideas and initiates dialogue.

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Politically, Beijing reaches out to regions in Central Europe that belonged exclusively to Russia not so long ago. Economically, China has nothing to bounce from. Success has been vastly limited, so Beijing has started to change its strategy. 

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Multilateralism will not disappear, Europe will become more involved in its own security and the pressure on austerity shall drive the sharing of responsibility. Ministers, ambassadors, and other experts from the domestic security scene share their opinions.

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Although Visegrad countries do not pose a notable source of investment for Turkey, Ankara perceives them as an alternative to countries in Western Europe. Not only do they support Turkey within both NATO and EU, their rhetoric towards the regime is not very harsh. Public opinion within Visegrad countries, however, remains troubled.