Ongoing projects

The strategic objective of the project is, with a mix of online tools and stakeholder events, to provide relevant and fact-based information on the implementation of the EU Green Deal, particularly the Fit for 55 package and the path to net-zero focusing on its elements (NECP, renewable energy, heating decarbonization, socially just transition, energy communities), localized for the Slovak national context and with a targeted focus on policy decision-makers, stakeholders and media.

Slovakia, as a member of the European Union, finds itself at a crucial juncture where the adherence to the rule of law, protection of minorities, and the nuances of its foreign policy decisions require careful scrutiny. Recent developments within the country (in particular the September’s Parliamentary Elections) and its external engagements (a slow change in the course of strong support for Ukraine against Russian aggression, or changes of the foreign policy, that shall be “more sovereign” and targeting “all four cardinal directions”) have underscored the need for a comprehensive evaluation of its domestic practices and international orientations.