Past projects

Prompted by revelations from a thorough seven-year investigation into an ammunition depot explosion in Vrbětice, a connection to Russian operatives and the Skripal poisoning case in the UK was uncovered. In response, the Czech and Slovak information spaces encountered orchestrated efforts to sow confusion and erode trust in the official investigation. This collaborative endeavor highlighted the interplay between the Czech and Slovak pro-Kremlin disinformation spheres.

Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic better serve their own national defense and security agendas when their national strategies are conscious of transatlantic interests and values. A strong transatlantic partnership is essential to successful foreign policy implementation and Slovakia commits to it as well. However, various – often hybrid – challenges undermine such reality. Moreover, unprecedented attack on Ukraine, direct Slovak neighbor, transformed the notion of “continuous peace in Europe”, and once again raised questions about the price of security and further of defense.

To build upon successful activities, accomplished by the support of the HBS, EuroPolicy intends to extend a gender aspect in the discussion on foreign policy, especially when facing authoritarian regimes.

Media freedom and protection of journalists is crucial for the health of the European democracy. The issue has been rising at the European political agenda, with publication of the Media Act planned for autumn and an ongoing discussion about the effects of digital legislation (DSA, DMA) on media.