Past projects

General objective of the project is to sustain and increase the public interest in the European issues and to increase the active participation in the policy debates. Project will provide fact-based information on values, the main priorities, and policy topics of the EU, highlighting the role of the European Parliament as the only directly elected institution, representing views and interests of the European citizens.

The project intends to follow up (through intense, yet analytical media content) with the preparation of the European and Slovak legislation, however concentrating on Transatlantic dimensions of them. This unexplored vicinity seeks to add up to the discussion on the European Digital Sovereignty in Slovakia. Furthermore, it aims to create a space for fruitful exchange of ideas amongst the most relevant actors. 

EuroPolicy in close cooperation with EURACTIV Slovakia and Heinrich Böll Foundation – Prague is realizing a project dealing with fake news and their impact on the society. The project is part of a two-day program of discussions and workshops. The program shall raise awareness of the knowledge and mechanisms to combat fake news and provide floor for capacity-building of Slovak and Czech actors in the field.

EuroPolicy, together with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, carries out a project entitled 'European future of V4'. The main objective of the project is to enrich the academic discussion about the perspectives of Visegrad countries' cooperation and its position within the European integration. The project outputs will also contribute to the approach of V4 region in Brussels and will serve as a trigger for a broader public discussion in Slovakia.