Past projects

Building upon two successful projects, supported by NATO PD, the goal of this project is to increase policy stakeholders' awareness of issues related to European security cooperation and its advancement within common goals of NATO's Grand Strategy, support a fact-based and quality discussion on European responsibilities in the security and defense area, specifically in Slovakia, and analyse and discuss the road towards a new Transatlanticism and challenges as well as opportunities for rebuilding the transatlantic relationship.

Primary aim of the project is to help disseminate relevant information about the participation of Slovakia in the Conference of the Future of Europe. Effective and targeted communication campaign will help involve a larger group of key stakeholders and actors as well as the broader public in order to help shape the European debate from the Slovak perspective.

Main goal of the project is to help face and tackle disinformation about the EU's reaction to the coronavirus and the pandemic, which help strengthen an extreme form of euroscepticism and question the basis of a liberal and democratic order. 

The goal of the project was to take an in-depth look on the rule of law conditionality within the next Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU (2021–27) which is still under discussion together with the Recovery Plan. The current days (early December 2020) showed that this tension will not go away among member states.