Past projects

EuroPolicy, with the news website, U.S. Embassy in Bratislave and Information Office of the European Parliament in Slovakia, together organize an expert workshop on the topic of transatlantic trade and investment partnership - TTIP - between the EU and US.

EuroPolicy in close cooperation with, Heinrich Böll Foundation – Prague and Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia realized an international expert seminar: "Ten Years in the EU: Visegrad Perspective and Beyond".

Slovak political parties put considerably more effort into their election manifestos for 2014 EP elections than in 2009. European Union is no longer perceived only as a reference framework. prepared an analysis and compared political parties' election manifestos prior to 2014 EP elections.

Project 'European Economic Governance' aims to discuss and analyze four specific aspects European economic concerns: EMU coordination, EU budget, Europe 2020 Strategy and managing the financial and economic crisis. Project activities include four one-day workshops organized in all Visegrad countries' capitals. Workshop in Bratislava will take place on April 10 in European Information Centre. To learn more, click here.