Our mission

EuroPolicy was established in 2011 in Bratislava to broaden the discussion on the European Union and its policies, policy initiatives, legislation, institutions and stakeholders. EuroPolicy promotes the ideas of European integration and its values. It raises awareness of various agendas of the European integration, cooperating closely with EURACTIV.sk.

Communication activities promoting involvement of civil society organisations in EU policy debates, and support of the European democracy
Cross-border cooperation
Supporting cross-border cooperation of various policy actors (public institutions, media, NOGs, corporate sectors, research & academia)
EU media coverage
Support activities improving access to and coverage of the EU policies by local media
Research and innovation
Research and innovation for responsible and evidence-based policy-making
Event management
Organisation of events and implementation of awareness campaigns related to EU institutions and policies
Educational activities, information campaigns and debates on EU issues, focused on young people and students


A Hoax Similar to the One in Slovakia Has Spread in Bulgaria. Conscription Orders Are Not Sent by the Army

Bulgarians did not receive conscription orders, as the man in a fake video claims. The Bulgarian government has...

Female Refugees in Slovakia Lack Reproductive Care, They Risk Travelling to Ukraine

Ukrainian women in Slovakia are surprised by the system of conscientious objections, for which they are forced to...

Democracy Festival or Electoral Authoritarianism: Is It Still Possible to Defeat Erdoğan?

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NATO Plans to Open a Liaison Office in Japan

Japan has been considering inviting a liaison office of the Alliance since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The office would...

Finland Has Officially Joined NATO

While the direct border between the Alliance countries and Russia is more than doubling - from 1,215 km to an...

Slovaks Perceive NATO the Most Unfavourably among the Alliance Countries

In the latest NATO perception survey, Slovakia is at the bottom of the rankings in several categories. In particular,...

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