Our mission

EuroPolicy was established in 2011 in Bratislava to broaden the discussion on the European Union and its policies, policy initiatives, legislation, institutions and stakeholders. EuroPolicy promotes the ideas of European integration and its values. It raises awareness of various agendas of the European integration, cooperating closely with EURACTIV.sk.

Communication activities promoting involvement of civil society organisations in EU policy debates, and support of the European democracy
Cross-border cooperation
Supporting cross-border cooperation of various policy actors (public institutions, media, NOGs, corporate sectors, research & academia)
EU media coverage
Support activities improving access to and coverage of the EU policies by local media
Research and innovation
Research and innovation for responsible and evidence-based policy-making
Event management
Organisation of events and implementation of awareness campaigns related to EU institutions and policies
Educational activities, information campaigns and debates on EU issues, focused on young people and students


Infografiky k projektu From Europe with love

Výstupy boli publikované v rámci projektu From Europe with love, implementovaného s podporou Ministerstva zahraničných vecí a...

Súdny dvor EÚ
EU money to be directly linked to new prosecutors

Paradigm change - this is how some view the creation of EPPO in relation to the security of EU budget. What to expect...

EPA-EFE/Olivier Hoslet
Slovakia and European values: A complicated relationship

Eurobarometer from July 2020 says that 82 percent of Slovaks view themselves as EU citizens, which is more than EU...

EPA-EFE/Friedemann Vogel
Protection of rule of law from the European perspective: Unfinished process

Why does the rule of law failure in one EU member state pose a problem for the EU as a whole? What tools does the EU...

TASR/Jaroslav Novák
Judge Mazák: EPPO will be a highly-returnable investment

According to Ján Mazák, member of the ranking committee, which evaluated candidates for European prosecutors, the...

Anna Durnová [A.D.]
Researcher of intimacy politics: We have to incorporate emotions into institutions

She analyses discourse on childbirths and the process of dying. I am interested in the tension between individual...

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