Until Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, there had not been any NATO ground troops in Eastern Europe, recalls Colonel MARIÁN KURILLA. In Bratislava, he leads a team of 40 personnel from seven Alliance countries, which also largely coordinates and supports a multinational Allied force of nearly 1,000 troops in Slovakia. "These troops are here legally, temporarily, and are the right response to the Russian aggression," he says.

A far-right politician has been elected to lead the third most populous country in the EU. This will have implications for important votings, efforts for deeper European cooperation as well as for the fight to save the rule of law in the Union.

Women belong at the negotiating table and are an essential component of foreign policy, experts say, and research confirms the benefits. But to ensure that they do not feel threatened and are part of the solution, more men need to be included in the discussions on equal opportunities.

The climate initiatives that today seem to be dictated by Brussels have in fact emerged from people's green activism. Europe faces tough choices that it can only make with a sufficiently high quality public debate, said a panel discussion on citizen activism on green issues.