The European Public Prosecutor's Office, which officially launches on 1 June, is tasked with protecting the EU budget. Not only to prosecute the perpetrators but also to try to get the funds back. "We will not be isolated, we will accept suggestions from basically anyone," says JURAJ NOVOCKÝ, the European prosecutor in Slovakia.

The European Commission negotiates with Washington a new form of data transfer agreement. American companies have a problem, and the United States has not ruled out reconsidering the measures of domestic access to personal data. The pressure in society is great, say experts who are negotiating the new agreement.

Slovak military spending will for the first time exceed two percent of GDP, fulfilling th country's promise in NATO. The main reason for this step was the coronavirus crisis and additional military expenses. For the future of Slovak defense industry, a renaissance in heavy ground technology may be perspective, says MARTIN SKLENÁR in an interview.

Creation of European Public Prosecutor's Office is accompanied with high expectations of the Slovak public. The creation did not lack several troubles and difficult negotiations. After Laura Codruța Kövesi was named Chief Prosecutor, the attention turned to choosing European prosecutors and European delegated prosecutors and to providing enough capacities in order for the newly-established office to handle the quantity of cases.