The EU wants to give the states the tools and guidance to deal with the next energy crisis. New rules protect vulnerable groups and support storage sites, writes Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fuergy Radoslav ŠTOMPF. 

Catastrophic events are increasing in our geographic area – floods, sudden rainfall, droughts as well as forest fires are more frequent. We know from the climatologists that the consequences of extreme weather swings will be more costly in the future, says Mária Kamenárová, chairwoman of the Slovak actuaries.

Slovakia needs to set rules by summer to ensure that renewable sources are introduced quickly and without bureaucracy, but instead it is actively blocking them, state NGOs as well as green energy producers. Electricity from wind and sun is demanded by companies that bring investment and jobs, adds SPP.

Value for Money Unit will no longer assess all of the Slovakia's strategic investments. The government wants to accelerate highways and railways construction and needs "more flexible procedures" to do so. Benefits and costs of new constructions will now be assessed by respective ministries, which may weaken their control.