Ukrainian, Belarusian and Georgian journalists explain that they have to persuade their governments not to invite Telegram bloggers to press conferences. Disinformation is spread through anonymous channels, yet the EU does not regulate the platform in any way.

The working group includes representatives from the government, NGOs and the media and aims to help implement international commitments, including the Commission's Rule of Law Reports. Meanwhile, Robert Fico continues attacking journalists.

Europe, regardless of or precisely because of what happens in the United States after the elections, needs stability on its borders. It should not recklessly write blank cheques to the defence industry, but naive pacifism will not help, writes foreign policy journalist ANDREJ MATIŠÁK.

The supply of military equipment and material to Kyiv has also benefited the Slovak armed forces, writes the Ukrainian ambassador to Slovakia, MYROSLAV KASTRAN. According to him, the new government is not completely rejecting aid to Ukraine and has promised support in preparing for winter and also continuation of the ongoing joint defence production projects.