The future of urban mobility may lie in flexible car rental systems in combination with other modes of transport. Several European cities are already trying to reduce private transport.

Cities are increasingly exposed to climate risks and need to adapt to them. At the same time, with the right planning, they can reduce their emissions very effectively.

Voters of Sme rodina and OĽaNO agree most with the editorial interventions of the owners, followed closely by Smer. Nine percent of Slovaks also think that the government has the right to interfere in the public media, with the number of Boris Kollar's party voters as high as 14 percent.

At the summit, Slovakia wants to ensure that the temporary battle groups in the Alliance's eastern flank are transformed into long-term defence forces. Nearly 1 100 allied troops are deployed there. It also wants to confirm its commitment to invest two per cent of GDP in defence and even to surpass this level from next year.