Defamation suits and criminal complaints are sometimes intended to deter journalists from exposing important affairs. The European Commission is preparing binding rules only for cross-border legal proceedings. For the domestic ones, it has merely issued a recommendation, from which the Slovak ministry has adopted only a reduction in penalties.

The Czech Republic knows very well what it is like when a top politician controls the media. That is why it is important that we support the Media Freedom Act. However, today it contains errors and merely recommends the most important parts, writes Czech MEP Marcel Kolaja (Pirates, Greens/EFA) in his commentary on the legislation on free media.

The latest public opinion polls show that a record 83 per cent of Ukrainians are in favour of Ukraine joining the NATO military alliance.

After Slovakia's ratification of Finnish and Swedish NATO membership, the Alliance is only waiting for Ankara and Budapest. But while the Turks have clear demands and already a date for a parliamentary meeting, the Hungarians remain secretive.