Bulgarians did not receive conscription orders, as the man in a fake video claims. The Bulgarian government has already explained the fake news. Meanwhile, the conscription order hoax also spread in Slovakia at the beginnig of this year.

Ukrainian women in Slovakia are surprised by the system of conscientious objections, for which they are forced to travel even hundreds of kilometres for an abortion. Many of them are at the same time victims of rape. Transgender people are advised by the activists to travel farther west.

It takes a superhuman effort to almost draw with the leader of the country, who has been leading it for over 20 years and even redrawn the pitch himself. Erdoğan goes into the second round of the presidential election with an advantage. But where else can Kılıçdaroğlu appeal?

Japan has been considering inviting a liaison office of the Alliance since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The office would be the first of its kind in Asia.