Ilustračný obrázok. [EFE-EPA/Will Oliver]

EU has lost a fifth of its critical capacities and defense technology after brexit, which the UK had made available for the Union. Although there is now a clear path for numerous initiatives, which the UK blocked in the EU, the security of European NATO members is ever more dependent on the non-European partners.

Vojaci v EUTM Mali. [Flickr/CSDP EEAS]

Due to a coup in the African country, European Union has halted its two training missions. Almost 700 soldiers, police officers and civil experts remain in the country for now. Five Slovak soldiers were expected to join the mission in July.


EU wants to commit €13,5 billion for common defense over a seven-year period. €1,5 billion is to be allocated for military mobility, seven billion for European Defense Fund and five billion to finance operations. Not enough, experts say.

Ilustračný obrázok. [Flickr]

After three rounds and approving 47 specific projects, defense cooperation of EU countries should be on its track. However, the opposite seems to be true.