China is paying more and more for technological research in Europe, including Slovakia. A new study says that efforts to modernise its military may be at the root of this. Some countries have therefore issued guidelines on international research cooperation, Slovakia is not among them.

Sweden signed up to the principles of social justice and gender equality represented by feminist foreign policy in 2014. Since then, it has pioneered and inspired countries such as France, Germany and Canada. The new government of the centre-right three-party coalition will not continue with the concept.

The rising cost of materials, energy, and dependence on imports from third countries could limit the European defence industry’s renaissance, representatives of the sector warn.

The missile, which landed on the Polish territory, caused the first loss of life directly on NATO soil since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February. Although leaders have hinted that the reinforcement of missile defences on the border could be the consequence, ambassadors at their meeting have ruled out that scenario for now. The allies agree, however, that Ukraine is in no way responsible for the incident.