While the direct border between the Alliance countries and Russia is more than doubling - from 1,215 km to an additional 1,340 km - the Finns are bringing significant reinforcements to NATO. In addition to an army of more than 280,000, they also have one of the most powerful artillery fleets.

In the latest NATO perception survey, Slovakia is at the bottom of the rankings in several categories. In particular, people in Montenegro, Slovakia and Bulgaria would support leaving NATO. Slovaks are also the most likely to think that the Alliance is not important for the future security of their homeland. We are also among the most sceptical in the opinion on further support for Ukraine. Compared to the last survey, however, the trend is improving.

According to the EDMO report, three themes dominate the disinformation scene in Europe: Russia's war against Ukraine, COVID and climate change. Recently, hoaxes about insect-based food have started to circulate.

In many countries, the armed forces are the largest institutional polluter of the environment. However, military emissions are not covered by the internationally binding treaties and are mostly not even measured. As an organisation, NATO wants to be carbon-neutral by 2050, although it cannot impose emission targets on its members. But it can lead by example, claims KATARÍNA KERTÝSOVÁ.