MEPs adopted their position on a bill to strengthen media transparency and independence in the EU on Tuesday in Strasbourg. 448 MEPs voted in favour, 102 were against and 75 abstained from voting on the European Media Freedom Act.

Since 1992, justice in the murders of journalists has been achieved in less than five per cent of the cases. Four such cases remain unresolved in the EU, including the murder of Ján Kuciak. The results were published by the Committee to Protect Journalists in its new Global Impunity Index.

The control powers of the Media Services Council apply only to the video archives of Nový čas and Plus 1 Dní, which will come under one owner after the acquisition. Marína Urbániková criticises that the Council will not control the resultant concentration of press and news websites.

Protection of a free media environment used to be taboo for the EU, but now the approach is changing. Last week, the European Parliament approved its first regulation on media freedom. Among other things, it states that in the European states, high-ranking politicians will not be allowed to own the media.