Hundreds of thousands of people in Europe continue to live in catastrophic conditions today. They will be hardest hit by climate change. The only way forward is to improve their standard of living, and for this we need the cooperation of activists, the state and the Union.

Although the NATO invitations to Finland and Sweden were eventually approved by Turkey, the leaders are unlikely to sign them at the Madrid summit. This is because the Croatian president is blocking them. The official invitations should therefore be signed in the next few days by the ambassadors to NATO in Brussels.

Temperatures in city centres can be up to ten degrees higher than in their surroundings during the summer due to heat waves. This causes an increase in the number of collapses and premature deaths of residents. It is not just buildings that need to be cooled, but entire neighbourhoods.

Regardless of the type of car powertrain, cities are not inflatable, says Czech MEP MIKULÁŠ PEKSA. Claiming that you can get anywhere by car, park it anywhere, is stupid populism. We need to look for alternatives in urban transport.