Slovakia is ranked 24th in the EU Gender Equality Index. The European Institute for Gender Equality, which compiles the index, sees the greatest room for improvement in the area of power. In fact, it found the most striking gender inequality in the highest decision-making positions in politics, the economy and the social sphere.

Two years ago, Spain, similarly to France, Canada and Germany, subscribed to the principles of feminist foreign policy. Lorea Arribalzaga Ceballos, Spanish ambassador to Slovakia, argues that without strengthening equality within its own diplomatic ranks, it would be impossible to promote gender equality externally.

In the group of the Russian president's closest advisers, there is currently a struggle between the advocates of hard and soft solutions to the situation in Ukraine. However, none of them will tell Putin that he made a mistake by launching the war in Ukraine, say the experts on Russia. That is because the "electoral autocracy" regime in Russia leaves no room for internal change.

Slovakia has a "historical and institutional debt" in the form of a low number of Slovak female ambassadors, says the state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The new leadership, she says, still guarantees political support for solutions to this situation. A more transparent selection process or even a gender audit could help.