The future will show whether Richard Sulík's ultimatum was worth it. I am ready to return to Parliament, but I will be very sad if this coalition falls apart. And even sadder if there are early elections, especially after what ex-prime minister Fico demonstrated with the Russian ambassador, says MARTIN KLUS, state secretary of the foreign ministry, in an interview.

The Slovak lawyer called on her 42,000 followers to criticise the March shutdown of disinformation websites in a European consultation. As many as 88 percent of the citizen contributions are ultimately from them. However, the EU Court of Justice has already upheld the legality of the EU-wide blocking as well.

The Russian media campaign has made a panic about the outbreak of fighting out of the dispute over number plates. Indeed, mainstream Serbian media also regularly repeat Russian narratives, writes the director of the Balkan Free Media Initiative.

Orbán's voters look at the first news they get, they don't look for independent media. His methods are also being adopted in other countries, which is why it is important to be alert to any change the government makes that creates an unfavourable environment for journalists, thinks ATTILA MONG of the Committee to Protect Journalists.