On the Turkish political scene, the government and the opposition have only one common position, and that is male belonging. However, in order to make politics a safe space for women as well, it needs to be cleansed of masculinist and discriminatory attitudes, says Nuray Karaoğlu in an interview.

On foreign policy and security issues in her State of the Union address, the President of the European Commission focused in particular on Ukraine. However, she avoided mentioning the strengthening of defence cooperation or the abolition of unanimity in voting on EU foreign policy, even though these are the key political issues for the bloc.

According to State Secretary Radoslav Kutaš, the proposed rules are the "ideal situation". The member states will vote by qualified majority, hence the Italian elections, where the far right won, may be a factor. The argument can be made that the Union has no competence in the field of media.

The draft of the European Media Freedom Act does not, for instance, comment on whether licence fees are better for public service media than contributions from the state budget. It only sets out general principles, so interpretation will fall to the CJEU