While most of the Alliance would like to see the Finns and Swedes in NATO within "months", Turkish President Erdoğan is talking about "more than a year". Stockholm will therefore amend the anti-terrorism law and is also reviewing the embargo on arms exports to Turkey, which is exactly what Ankara expected. The Biden administration, in turn, has asked the US Congress to approve the sale of weapons and equipment for Turkey's fleet of US F-16s.

KERSTI KALJULAID says it is not difficult to get into high government positions because someone is a woman, but because these positions are few. "Today's female prime ministers and presidents put a full stop to discussions about whether women can do the job," she says. She openly says that she does not understand the feminist foreign policy, to which Germany and Sweden also subscribe.

For the first time in history, a Japanese prime minister is likely to attend the NATO summit scheduled for the end of June in Madrid. This is Tokyo's response to the heightened security concerns of the Japanese population about both Russia and China.

The Union will present plans for new solutions to protect free media in the EU in the autumn, and these need, in particular, well-targeted financial support. But Hungary needs to be approached radically, and the sanctions are surprisingly supported by the V4.