The panel discussion assessed the process, format, outputs and visibility of the Conference on the Future of Europe in the eyes of the public at national and European level. The panellists will seek answers to whether the setting of the Conference on the Future of Europe is an effective tool for increasing citizens' participation in Europe-wide debates on the reform of the functioning of the European Union and on the need to increase its democratic legitimacy. It also assessed the recommendations of the European Citizens' Panel Discussion on European democracy and on values and rights, the rule of law and security. The aim of the discussion was to identify the main recommendations for the further representation of Slovak representatives at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The EuroPolicy Civic Association and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic invite you to watch the online conference entitled Civic Europe - Mid-term Review of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The conference on the future of Europe is already in its second half. It is for Europeans to say what kind of European Union they want and to propose the changes they think are needed.

Citizens want the European Union to better enforce its fundamental values in the future. In particular, they want to see more of the benefits of deeper integration and cooperation on justice and the rule of law. Nationalist European parties, on the other hand, are calling for powers to be returned to the level of the Member States. Will the Conference on the Future of Europe solve the EU's rule of law crisis?