Together with the Minister of Defence of the caretaker government, Martin Sklenár, we will look at the practical implementation of the decisions of the NATO Summit in Vilnius, especially in Slovakia, at the activities of the Ministry of Defence and cooperation within the Alliance in recent months. We will reflect on the views of political parties on defence and security in Slovakia after the elections. And we will also debate the challenges facing our country in these areas from the autumn onwards.

According to experts, the Russian president's power and its retention rests on three pillars that have been reinforcing each other for years in Russia: his personal popularity, his sense of supposed invincibility and the absence of any opposition. However, has Putin made a fatal mistake in unleashing the war in Ukraine? And is Ukraine going to become a turning point for the Russians as well?

Diplomacy also ensures the presentation of national values. That is why it is necessary to ensure that the equal opportunities to which the country subscribes do not remain mere words on the paper of international treaties.

Although Slovakia has jumped in the media freedom rankings, this is mainly due to the deterioration in other countries. According to Adam Solga from the Department of Journalism at Comenius University, the election of the director general of RTVS, for example, should have been much more depoliticised.