Analytical study entitled Innovation potential of Slovak small- and medium-sized businesses focuses on the main actors within the field of innovation in Slovakia.

Guidebook offering an overview of support schemes for small- and medium-sized businesses, which aim to expand their activities to markets outside the European Union, available for public.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the debate on the foreign political, economic and other influence of (semi-)authoritatian regimes to the Central Europe as a gate to the whole European Union, while seeking for innovative tools to minimize their leverage in the region.

Project aims to raise awareness of the NATO priorities after the London Summit, contribute to the ongoing public discussion of peace and security issues in EUrope and analyze and reflect positions of key policy-makers and stakeholders from Slovakia towards security, defense and role of NATO and Transatlantic cooperation ahead of parliamentary elections and during and after government coalition-building.

The project "Slovakia at the Crossroads of European Atlantic Defense Cooperation" aims to discuss the possibilities of involving Slovak defense capabilities (industry, ministry and experts) in initiatives of relatively new joint European defense projects (PESCO, European Defense Fund, civilian and military missions, etc.) and raises comprehensive awareness of the importance of building European defense capabilities for Slovakia.