EuroPolicy in close cooperation with EURACTIV Slovakia and U.S. Embassy Bratislava is organizing policy forum on education and entrepreneurship. The forum will policy will gather decision makers, experts and professionals to discuss entrepreneurship & education, share experiences and good practices across the Atlantic, and provide policy-oriented recommendations. The discussion forum will take place on December 1st, 2017, alongside the Startup Awards Conference at the venue of the Slovak National Theatre.

EuroPolicy in close cooperation with EURACTIV Slovakia and Heinrich Böll Foundation – Prague is realizing a project dealing with euroscepticism and extremism. The main aim of the project is to identify and discuss main sources of political extremism and radicalism among young voters in selected European countries, contributing to the design of effective counter-strategies by the democratic political parties, and other actors (civil society, media, educational institutions, etc.).

CODES is a project combining research and public awareness building, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. The project develops the discussion with citizens on their perception of the EU membership and will ignite citizens’ thinking about the alternatives and possible negative consequences of the future without the EU. Our main aim is to raise awareness and recognition of the EU benefits among citizens, as our previous experience tells us the EU is often portrayed as a distant blaming figure for the bad policies, while the benefits remain unreported and under discussed.

EuroPolicy, with the news website, U.S. Embassy in Bratislave and Information Office of the European Parliament in Slovakia, together organize an expert workshop on the topic of transatlantic trade and investment partnership - TTIP - between the EU and US.

EuroPolicy in close cooperation with, Heinrich Böll Foundation – Prague and Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia realized an international expert seminar: "Ten Years in the EU: Visegrad Perspective and Beyond".