The Nordic countries are extending their assistance to Ukraine. So far, the Swedes have only been talking about Gripens, but they reached an agreement with Ukraine on the production and maintenance of Swedish tanks. The Finns are also discussing a defence contract of a similar nature, where the possibility of sending F-18 fighters is still being mentioned. The Norwegians are likely to send their F-16s, as the Danes and the Dutch have already announced.

Since 2019, NATO considers space to be one of its operational domains. Analysts at the Ministry of Defence are now urging Slovakia to be more active in this area. The allies are developing their own, national capacities, in spite of the fact that both NATO and the EU have several initiatives in this field. However, Slovakia is not yet significantly involved in the international projects, even though the opportunities are being offered.

EU member states are discussing the establishment of a special Ukrainian Defence Fund, which would fall under the already existing European Peace Facility. With a budget of €20 billion, the fund should help the country keep its armed forces ready and fit for combat for the next four years. However, the countries of the bloc will receive the money from it.

Similarly to the Madrid summit a year ago, in Vilnius the Turkish president left an important decision to the last minute and on the eve of the Alliance's annual meeting confirmed the green light for Sweden's accession to NATO. According to Zuzana Čaputová, the most important thing for Slovakia at the summit will be to reach an agreement on a coordinated air defence system.

The closest to women quotas in the parliament are the Progressives, but even they point out that they put half of the women on the candidate list "without them". OĽaNO, Sme rodina and Smer link the recognition of partial rights for the same-sex couples with hateful rhetoric against transgender people.