In the latest gender equality index, Slovakia is again among the five worst performers in the EU. Although it has slightly improved its score, it is "significantly and consistently" behind the European average. It has risen the most on a year-on-year basis over the past decade.

The EPP faction says it fully respects and protects the rights of all citizens, at the same time it notes that Slovakia is in the election campaign and wishes all member parties every success. The People's Party also includes the Democrats, who have strongly criticised KDH, and OĽaNO, whose leader has again been nominated for the Homophobe of the Year award.

Germany is moving towards a significant simplification of the transition. If the law passes, a declaration will be all that is needed to change documents at the registry office. For minors, parental consent or a court order will be required.

From the political parties' programmes in the field of foreign relations, their value anchoring is rather apparent. Yet, they offer only a limited vision of how to maintain or protect these values. The parties write about cooperation with Taiwan, protection of Christians and about having more women at embassies, as well.

Slovak Prime Minister Róbert Fico departs for his first EU summit after his re-election. In parliament, he confirmed that Slovakia's position will be "zero military aid to Ukraine". With his partners in V4, which he wants to start "cementing", he wants to prepare a common approach to the debate on the EU's multiannual financial framework, which "must not affect cohesion and agriculture".