EU wants to commit €13,5 billion for common defense over a seven-year period. €1,5 billion is to be allocated for military mobility, seven billion for European Defense Fund and five billion to finance operations. Not enough, experts say.

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After three rounds and approving 47 specific projects, defense cooperation of EU countries should be on its track. However, the opposite seems to be true.

Vojaci európskej výcvikovej misie v Mali.

Defense Ministry will present a proposal in the Slovak parliament with the intention to get a confirmation to deploy Slovak troops to training missions to Mali and Central African Republic. In addition, it may also include a contribution to IRINI mission in the Medditerranean Sea. Deployment of seven troop units had aleready been promised by the former Defense Ministry leadership.

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NATO keen to respond to Russia's modernization of its nuclear arsenal, however, the Alliance refuses to engage in arms race. NATO allies are obtaining new anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic defense systems and stregthening their conventional capabilities. NATO, though, does not intend to deploy new tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

The second-most goods imported to Visegrad countries come from China, Slovakia is the only exception. Among Visegrad countries and compared to other non-European countries, Prague trades with China the most, although Czech citizens remain the most sceptical towards Beijing.