The climate initiatives that today seem to be dictated by Brussels have in fact emerged from people's green activism. Europe faces tough choices that it can only make with a sufficiently high quality public debate, said a panel discussion on citizen activism on green issues.

The European Commission will present the European Media Freedom Act in the autumn. They are being driven into the arms of financial groups by the economic crisis, unless the ability to broadcast or write is taken away from them by politicians.

Media laws are not a magic wand to ensure media pluralism. However, the Slovak ones have weaknesses that would be worth adjusting. A European directive can help, but the EU cannot write one manual for all member states, says TOMÁŠ KAMENEC, a lawyer and member of the Slovak Press and Digital Council.

The feminist approach in foreign policy gives room for an alternative perception of it, as it focuses mainly on the security of the most vulnerable in the world system, says researcher KATEŘINA KRULIŠOVÁ. She also sees elements of feminist diplomacy in the practice of Central European countries, but so far "unsystematically grasped and dependent only on individuals".

What do we know so far about how Slovakia envisages the future of the EU? Which themes resonate? Do we want radical changes or are we more cautious? And how do people in the regions see it?