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Slovakia needs to prepare resources to cover social expenditures during similar crisis situations as in connection with the pandemic, unions say. Kurzarbeit is cheaper than unemployment benefits and should be introduced in Slovakia, according to representatives of industry and trade unions.

Čínsky prezident Xi Jinping v pekingskom laboratóriu. [EPA-EFE/Xinhua/Ju Peng]

Naratív o tom, že vďaka autoritárskym praktikám čínskeho režimu sa podarilo dostať Covid-19 pod kontrolu, využíva ako svoju propagandu vládna komunistická strana, tvrdí MATEJ ŠIMALČÍK.

Pre-election analysis of the attitudes of Slovak political parties to European topics in the form of interviews with EURACTIV.sk editors. Podcast in Slovak language

In many countries, the armed forces are the largest institutional polluter of the environment. However, military emissions are not covered by the internationally binding treaties and are mostly not even measured. As an organisation, NATO wants to be carbon-neutral by 2050, although it cannot impose emission targets on its members. But it can lead by example, claims KATARÍNA KERTÝSOVÁ.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has brought new themes and narratives of different stakeholders into our security space, too. However, the North Atlantic Alliance is aware of effective tools to cope with the information noise, to counter infodemic and to communicate defence issues, writes PETER DUBÓCZI.